Feigenbaum’s Echocardiography

Feigenbaum’s Echocardiography is one of the best textbooks of echocardiography. The thoroughly revised Seventh Edition reflects recent changes in the technology and clinical use of echocardiography. It includes over 1,600 illustrations, about 600 of which are in full color. Detailed discussions on the use of three-dimensional echocardiography and perfusion imaging are included. Also covered is new information on the mechanics and utility of Strain and Strain rate imaging. Current AHA/ACC guidelines are included for each chapter. An accompanying DVD contains tutorials on echo interpretation with voiceover and animations.

This book has filled a worthy space in my acquisition of echocardiographic skills. The DVD is great as well as the color pictures and all topics are well done and comprehensive. Though it is not for the novice echocardiographer, it will help those who want to be a better echocardiographer/cardiologist. Feigenbaum is deservably respected as one of the foremost authors on the subject of echocardiology. The material is presented in a clear and concise manner.

Seventh edition of the book was published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins in 12/2009 and contains 832 pages

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