Otto – Practice of Clinical Echocardiography

In Practice of Clinical Echocardiography, Dr. Otto offers expert guidance on interpreting echocardiographic images and Doppler flow data and applying your findings to your daily clinical decision making. It not only teaches you how to qualitatively and quantitatively interpret echocardiographic images and Doppler flow data, but also outlines how this information affects your clinical decision making. This medical reference book keeps you current on the latest advances and techniques, so you can implement the best possible approaches with your patients. It helps you to master the challenging practice of echocardiography through clear explanations of advanced concepts. Lots of quality figures and tables to supplement the text. It covers all echocardiography modalities, including contrast and 3-D echocardiography. The book helps you to zero in on the critically important information and get a quick summary for review thanks to key points at the end of each chapter and a disease-oriented assessment of echocardiographic data. You can access the complete contents online from your laptop or mobile device through

The book is organized in nine different parts:

1. Advanced echocardiographic techniques
2. The left ventricle
3. Ischemic heart disease
4. Valvular heart disease
5. Cardiomyopathies and pericardial disease
6. The right heart
7. The pregnant patient
8. Vascular and systemic diseases
9. Adult congenital heart disease and cardiac tumors

Fourth edition of the book was published by Saunders in 05/2012 and contains 1120 pages


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