Otto – Valvular Heart Disease

Otto’s Valvular Heart Disease is the best textbook on the diseases of heart valves. In the third edition, Catherine Otto is joined by Robert Bonow and a team of expert contributors to bring you the latest developments in imaging and treatment. Superb diagrams, an increased focus on imaging and case-based presentation, and new chapters on Cardiac MR and CT imaging for valvular heart disease; Genetic, molecular and cellular mechanisms of valvular disease; Bicuspid aortic valve disease; and Ischemic mitral regurgitation further enhance this valuable reference. Full text is available online at The book presents comprehensive coverage of valvular heart disease to provide you with a complete reference and one-stop shop for this specialty in cardiac medicine. It features chapters on pediatric and pregnant patients. It includes a summary of the new ACC/AHA valvular heart disease guidelines in each chapter to keep you up to date on the latest best practices throughout the field.

Third edition of the book was published by Saunders in 09/2009 and contains 468 pages

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